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Photo of Iris USA and Ohyama Lights exterior in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Ohyama Lights strives to be an innovative company that is responsive to its customers' needs. Our mission is to put the customer first and develop eco-friendly LED technology that will help our customers expand their businesses.

Ohyama Lights is a division of Iris Ohyama, Inc., a global manufacturer of over 14,000 household products. Iris Ohyama originated in 1958 and expanded into the global market in 1996 with its IRIS USA, Inc. facility in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Iris Ohyama's attention to its customers has grown its operations in Asia, America and Europe. Today, Iris Ohyama is one of the largest manufacturers of LED Lighting products in Japan.


Global Operations:

  1. World Headquarters is located in Sendai, Japan.
  2. North American Headquarters is located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.
  3. Global operations includes 15 manufacturing and distribution facilities in Japan, China, the Netherlands, Korea, and United States.
  4. U.S. based sales and customer service teams.

To learn more about Iris Ohyama, view our video.

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