Medical Offices

The medical industry is a 24 hour operation, requiring quality lighting and a large amount of energy. Proper lighting is necessary to reduce medical errors, assist in the sanitation of the facility, and create a welcoming environment to care for patients. Converting to Ohyama Lights LED technology will decrease a medical facility's operational and maintenance costs.

Maintenance: Maintaining lights in large facilities like hospitals is a costly and ongoing expense. Fluorescent tubes do not expire at the same time, therefore, maintenance crews will replace the full bank of tubes if only 25 -30% of the tubes are out.  A property will replace "good" fluorescent lights due to the inconvenience of replacing. Ohyama Lights LED tubes have a longer life and is able to work in cooler environments. Our lights will reduce the cost and manpower that is required for replacing. Finally, unlike fluorescent tubes LEDs require no special handling or care because there is no harmful mercury inside. LEDs are better for you AND the environment!

Operation Costs: Ohyama Lights offers photo-motion LED technology to increase the savings of a lighting upgrade. We offer alternatives that will reduce the amount of watts necessary and increase the amount of required lumens.  Investing in LED lights today will result in future operational costs savings.

Rebates: Utility companies and communities nationwide are offering incentives for businesses to upgrade its lighting to LED lamps. Visit your utility company's website to learn of the easy rebates and/or financing that is available for new luminaires and lamps. 

Energy Audits: Ohyama Lights has developed a program that will conduct an energy audit of your establishment and calculate the operation costs and savings of switching to LED lamps. Contact us today.