Restaurants and Lodging Properties

Lighting is very important to set the atmosphere for restaurants and lodging properties. A customer's attitude is immediately affected by the first impressions of the building's lights. Currently in the hospitality industry, restaurants and lodging properties are upgrading to LED lighting because there is a quick payback in the investment of LED lighting.


Maintenance: When entering a restaurant, burned out bulbs give you a sense of less-than satisfactory maintenance. To keep up a high-level of maintenance, managers are constantly spending resources replacing bulbs throughout the year.

A restaurant operates its lights for an average of 13 hours per day. A 45 watt incandescent lamp will last an average of 1500 hours. At this rate, the lamp will need to be replaced every 3 months. A restaurant or lodging property needs to factor in the cost and time of replacing each lamp. An Ohyama Lights LED lamp will last 40,000 hours or about 8.5 years. 

Operation Costs: LEDs uses only 10% of the necessary energy to power an incandescent lamp. At $0.11 kw/h, a restaurant spends $10.95 on electricity to power a single 60 watt incandescent lamp. Compare this to an Ohyama Lights LED 6 watt lamp and a property will spend about $1.10 on electricity per year for that single light.  The savings increases dramatically when a business factors in the quantity of lamps throughout its facility.

Rebates: Utility companies and communities nationwide are offering incentives for businesses to upgrade its lighting to LED lamps. Visit your utility company's website to learn of the easy rebates and/or financing that is available for new luminaires and lamps. 

Ohyama Lights has developed a program that will conduct an energy audit of your establishment and calculate the operation costs and savings of switching to LED lamps. Contact us today.