A Recent LED Lighting Upgrade Results in Savings

Ohyama Lights Upgrades envi ultra lounge's LED lighting

Racine, WI - Doug Nicholson, owner of envi ultra lounge, recently switched from halogen lighting to Ohyama Lights to reduce his operation costs, be green and eliminate constant maintenance. He is now on pace to save $26,832.41 after five years of installing LED lights by Ohyama Lights.  The upscale lounge opened its doors in 2009 after a complete overhaul of the three-story 100+ year-old building and features a modern, dynamic cusine and specialty drinks with fresh juices and herbs. Nicholson wanted to create a destination that used environmental-friendly materials that were long-lasting and reduced waste. The vision became reality and patrons marvel at the smart design and Nicholson is experiencing reduced energy costs.

Before switching to Ohyama Lights™ LED lamps, envi ultra lounge was using 26,498 kilowatts of power each year for lighting. Today, envi ultra lounge only uses 4,619 kilowatts, an 83% decrease. This resulted in an annual energy savings of $3,673 ($0.146/kw). Nicholson understands that energy prices will continue to increase. He realized now is the time to take advantage of energy rebates from the local municipality and power supplier and make the investment in LED lighting.Ohyama Lights upgrades envi ultra lounge's LED lighting

Another savings that envi ultra lounge is immediately experiencing is the time and cost of replacing short-lived halogen bulbs. Nicholson has calculated that since the LED retro-fit, he is saving $798.58 each year and will see his return on investment (ROI) in 14 months*. Now ordering bulbs and paying for costly installation is not a concern.

Lastly, Nicholson says that LED bulbs has enhanced envi ultra lounge's atmosphere with its color and dimming abilities. He is very pleased with the LED conversion and is planning on installing Ohyama Lights in his two other establishments.


*ROI will vary and is based on local energy costs and rebates.

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