OLCL Ceiling Series

OLCL LED Ceiling Light Series


A ceiling light with no bulbs to replace! Classic on the outside but very modern on the inside, the Ohyama Lights OLCL LED Ceiling Light Series enhances any setting. Equally at home in both residential as well as multi-unit and commercial applications this Energy Star rated fixture is one of the most versatile options available. The low profile and clean lines of this fixture make it an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms and hallways. 

The OLCL is available in 6", 9", 12", 14",15", 19", 20" and 24" sizes and in round or square shapes. An example of energy efficiency, the 12" round or square consumes only 17 watts of power while providing light output equivalent to (2) 60 watt incandescent lamps! Factor in the savings that a multi-unit facility would realize through decreased energy consumption as well as savings on replacement bulbs and labor and the OLCL is an easy cost-effective choice to make! Installation is easy too. To install, simply remove the lens, mount the unit, and connect the wires. The unit dims utilizing TRIAC dimming systems and is rated for 50,000 life hours and is covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Energy Star Approved
  • No Lamps
  • Easy to Clean
  • Up to 80% Energy Savings
  • Great Solution For: Bathrooms, Closets  & Hallways
  • TRIAC Dimming
  • Damp Rated



Ohyama Lights 12 Inch LED Ceiling Light



Ceiling Light
Item Number Product model number Style CCT CRI Total Lumens Watts Voltage Beam angle Rated Life
OLCL12R & OLCL12S Round/Square Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 1100 / 1200 17 120 Flood 50,000 Hours
6 Inch Disk Round Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 900 13 120 Flood 50,000 Hours
OLCL09R Round Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 650 11 120 Flood 50,000 Hours
OLCL14R Round Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 1500 22 120 Flood 35,000 Hours
OLCL15S Square Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 1500 22 120 Flood 35,000 Hours
OLCL19R Round Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 2000 32 120 Flood 35,000 Hours
OLCL20S Square Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 2000 32 120 Flood 35,000 Hours
OLCL24R Round Ceiling 3000/4000K 85 2400 37 120 Flood 35,000 Hours