OLLN Linear Series

LED 4 Foot Surface Mount

Great Solution For: Stairways, Garages and Hallways

Perfect for any application that would benefit from increased efficiency, security and safety. The OLLN 4' surface mount luminaire is available with or without motion sensors and an optional emergency battery backup.

When paired with the motion sensor the luminaire will dim as low as 360 lumens and consume as little as 8.5 watts of power when no motion is detected. When motion has been detected the unit fully illuminates to 3000 lumens. The dual motion sensors can be positioned independently to maximize bi-directional sensing. Add the optional emergency battery backup option and be assured you'll have up to 90 minutes of continuous light in the event of a power failure or disruption.

The factory default setting dims down to standby mode after 5 minutes of no activity but can be modified to desired time intervals using an infrared remote control (ordered separately). 

The durable, solid metal housing is powder coated white with a polycarbonate lens. The fixture is rated for 50,000 hours and is DLC listed.






4ft LED Surface Mount
Item Number Product model number Style CCT CRI Total Lumens Watts Voltage Beam angle Rated Life
OLLN4-30C-UNV-M 399723 4' with Motion Sensors 5000K 80 3000 26/8.6 120 ~ 277 L70: >60,000
OLLN4-30N-UNV-M 399724 4' with Motion Sensors 4000K 80 3000 26/8.6 120 ~ 277 L70: >60,000
OLLN4-30C-UNV 399725 4' Surface Mount - NO Motion Sensors 5000K 80 3000 26 120 ~ 277 L70: >60,000
OLLN4-30N-UNV 399726 4' Surface Mount - NO Motion Sensors 4000K 80 3000 26 120 ~ 277 L70: >60,000
OLLN4-30C-UNV-M-EB 399727 4' with Motion Sensors and Emergency Battery 5000K 80 3000 26/10.5 120 ~ 277 L70: >60,000