Photo-Motion Sensor Series

Advantages & Features:

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Eliminates the cost for a separate sensor installation

  1. Turns on instantly when motion is detected up to 12 feet away
  2. Remains on for 3 minutes, automatically turns off
  3. Sensor light will not turn on if high ambient light is present
  4. Up to 80 CRI for quality and consistent color rendering
  5. All models have UL certification
  6. Mercury-Free
  7. No UV emissions
  8. Limited 5 year warranty





Laundry Rooms


Storage Rooms



LED Photo-Motion Sensor A19 Lamps
Item Number Product model number Style CCT CRI Total Lumens Watts Voltage Beam angle Rated Life
399032 A19-32 (LDA19L6-485-W120M) A19 3000K 80 485lm 6W 120v 120° 40,000 hrs.
399033 A19-33 (LDA19L8-650-W120-M) A19 3000K 80 650lm 8.2W 120v 120° 40,000 hrs.
399034 A19-34 (LDA19L5-485-C120-M) A19 5000K >80 485lm 5.5W 120v 120° 40,000 hrs.
399035 A19-35 (LDA19L6-650-C120-M) A19 5000K >80 650lm 7.5W 120v 120° 40,000 hrs.